Thursday, November 27, 2008

Experiment: Mom's Rolls

So, one of the great things about Thanksgiving when we were growing up was that Mom would make the family roll recipe. We could never get enough. I think she made at least 4 dozen every year, and we were lucky to have leftovers for a few days after. They never lasted a week. She would make about 2/3 of them into standard dinner rolls, but the rest she would make into cinnamon knots. Mmm...

I don't know if she still makes them every year, but whenever she has a child home for Thanksgiving, or sometimes even Christmas or Easter, if we're lucky, she will make a big double batch.

Now, Rebecca's family doesn't really do home-made anything. So, if I want something home-made, it's up to me. Alas, I rarely have time for much of anything, so I depend heavily on mixes and pre-made stuff. For instance, I had recently purchased a loaf of frozen bread dough to keep on hand for when I decided it would be nice to have some freshly baked bread. On the back of the package it mentioned it could be used to make pizza crust or... rolls.

So, I'm trying an experiment. I have used the store-bought dough, but have used my mom's techniques in assembling the rolls. They are currently sitting out to rise.

If they produce anything comparable to Mom's Rolls, I will consider it a great success, as the time investment was about 30 minutes of prep. I will let you know how they turn out!

Experiment Results:
'Unbiased' opinion results indicate a strong success. These taste-testers have not been previously biased by tasting Mom's Rolls.

Biased (my) opinion results conclude that they are a very good option if you want Mom's Rolls, but don't have the time. They did not turn out as soft or flaky, and were obviously not Mom's Rolls. But they were still tasty. :-)

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