Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our Potato

Earlier on in Rebecca's pregnancy, all she wanted to eat was potatoes. So, I started referring to the baby-to-be as 'the Potato'.

So, here is one of the ultrasound pics of the Potato.

We also found out the baby's sex (or at least an 85% chance of the sex) - we will be having a boy! Which means we will never have to buy clothes, because a good friend of Rebecca's just had TRIPLET boys a year or so ago. However, it does mean that choosing a name will be slightly more difficult. We do not want anything plain like 'John,' or overly popular like 'Ethan' has been for the past couple of years. So, we have some thinking to do...

(We are in no way fishing for gifts here, as we are sure this baby will be well spoiled by the people that have already insisted upon getting things for him, but if you insist, Rebecca wanted me to say that we are not interested in overly gendered things, and plan to have many different colors besides blue. I would also add that we will very happily take used items. Reduce - Reuse - Recycle!)

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I have another blog that I use to voice my political & social views. I think I need another (this one) to share my personal stories - I guess we'll see how much I 'need' it by how much I use it. :-)

I am happy. Not in a giddy, always smiling, outgoing kind of way, but rather in a quiet, deep, persistent kind of way. I love my life. I am married to an incredible woman, we have jobs that allow us to see a lot of each other, and we're going to have a baby in September. I could be happy with much less, and I have so much more.

Sure, work can be stressful, we always have several unfinished projects, there are a few more bills than we would like, and we sometimes have to deal with difficult people - but that's just life. That doesn't affect the kind of happiness I have.

My wife, Rebecca, and I