Thursday, May 1, 2008

High Maintenance

I love my wife dearly, but I am not blinded by that love. I recognize that she is "high maintenance." I probably indulge her a little too much. However, with her pregnancy, she has reached another level.

She has been getting very specific cravings: home made smoothies, grilled cheese sandwiches, plain chocolate shakes from Ben & Jerry's, etc.

Last week, as I was preparing for my business trip to Philadelphia, she said, "I have a ridiculous request." It was late at night, and I thought she might want another Ben & Jerry's shake. But no, she had just read my sister's post about water ice and decided she wanted Philadelphia style water ice.

We discussed whether it would even be possible to transport water ice from Philly to Boston via a 6 hour car ride, and eventually decided that it would probably work reasonably well if we put some ice packs in a cooler. So, I took those things with me to Philly.

Unfortunately, I didn't plan very well, and at quarter of ten the night before I planned to leave in the morning, I was reminded that the water ice stands would not be open until later in the day. I rushed out in hopes that they closed at 10 or later, but on Tuesdays, they closed at 9. Foiled!

However, I heard that there were a few water ice stands in Connecticut. I looked online, and found a stand just off an exit that was right on my way home!

So, Rebecca got her water ice. And it even stayed nearly completely frozen thanks to the ice packs.

As I started writing this, Becca asked, "Why do you like making me happy so much?" My response was, "Should I not?"

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yamsey said...

What a sweet husband you are! When I used to relay cravings to John he would say, "Oh, that does sound good. So are you going to go get us some?" I'm glad the water ice worked out!