Sunday, April 13, 2008


I have another blog that I use to voice my political & social views. I think I need another (this one) to share my personal stories - I guess we'll see how much I 'need' it by how much I use it. :-)

I am happy. Not in a giddy, always smiling, outgoing kind of way, but rather in a quiet, deep, persistent kind of way. I love my life. I am married to an incredible woman, we have jobs that allow us to see a lot of each other, and we're going to have a baby in September. I could be happy with much less, and I have so much more.

Sure, work can be stressful, we always have several unfinished projects, there are a few more bills than we would like, and we sometimes have to deal with difficult people - but that's just life. That doesn't affect the kind of happiness I have.

My wife, Rebecca, and I

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yamsey said...

I am happy too Ty! I am happy you started a blog! Yay! This is one more forum where I can actually communicate with you on a regular basis. Sam and James are happy too! They can't wait for their uncle Zazu/General Grievous to come and visit!